Human Beings vs Human Doers

We are human beings, not human doers.

I have spent what feels like many lifetimes mastering the art of doing, instead of actually being. Achievement was a big part of my definition of success and a trap I fell into in an attempt to fulfill many needs — the need to find my place in this world, to prove myself as someone, and to find my own worth.

It turns out all of this doing and searching is not what led me to find any form of true success, or to discover my inner truth. I came to discover that the only thing I was really searching for was an acknowledgement from myself that I am okay and everything is okay. It has been the practice of connecting inward that has helped me see my true essence and simply how to live life with more ease.

Connecting with my inner resources, through mindfulness practices, has helped me understand that value doesn’t come from proving, fixing or doing – it is in the act of accepting who I am, in this moment, in each moment where true worth is known and felt.
It has been the process of undoing that has helped me to discover my being.

We can stay forever busy and distracted by our doing. We can keep busy in our actions, busy in our minds. We can move from one thing to the next, without pause for reflection or curiosity. We actually create distractions and constantly look for outer experiences and approval to fill a perceived emptiness within. When we make the time for stillness, however, it is exactly in this emptiness where we find the space to be. When we finally recognize that we don’t need to prove or be anything, we are left with a quiet space, an expansive space, that doesn’t need to be filled with anything other than our own awareness. We can just be with and experience life from a place of being okay and being content with who we are. It allows us to breathe into life, rather than forcing our way through.

An immense feeling of gratitude can be felt and grows outward every time we lean into our being. We say yes to our ‘being’ each time we move away from the kind of doing that sends us on a search or distracts us from our truth.

When we live from the inside out, we no longer need that external validation to tell us we are okay. We just are. We can then lead our lives from the soft whisper that comes from within. The voice that guides us on our truest path and is not distracted, swayed or misled by the booming voice of the ever-searching ego. We can share our truth to brighten and lighten the world.

What might change for you by connecting in and seeing all the beauty, light and truth that is you?

How might you embrace your Being?